I am officially in day three of my studies, and already my eyebrows are hitting the ceiling.  Because of the political situation in the 17th century, Episcopalians were not allowed to gather in groups of more than 4 plus the Churchmen, so at two flats in Kirkwall the minister would preach in the flat above, and through a hole in the floor the congregation would ‘wig in.’  I have never come across this before, I look forward to finding out more about this.

Also, was there another ‘East Church’ at the end of Ayre Road?  I vaguely remember reading something about it, the remains of an archway on the end of the Peedie Hostel are from this kirk.  More reading, I think.  Seemingly, the kirk appears in this 19thC Daniell print.  I’m assuming it’s the building on the furthest right.

S.E. View of the Cathedral & Palace, at Kirkwall, Orkney null by William Daniell 1769-1837

Photo in header: http://www.stayinkirkwall.co.uk/peedie-hostel.html  Peedie Hostel, showing the archway

Image embedded: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/daniell-s-e-view-of-the-cathedral-palace-at-kirkwall-orkney-t02868