The Role of the Kirk in Orkney (a social history)

from (aroundabouts) the Reformation to the Disruption (or thereabouts)



I am Lynn Campbell, and I’ve been a student with the University of the Highlands and Islands since 1999.  I’m finally embarking on a PhD.  My topic is the role of the Kirk in Orkney, from the Reformation to the Disruption though that’s a pretty fluid title (it’s already changed a couple of times).  It’s a social history.

In the modern period Orkney is not regarded as a religious set of islands, but history tells us that the kirk had a strong hand in creating our history. Did the kirk actually steer our history in one direction or another?  Why do we not have the same religious affiliations as our Western Islands cousins?  Was the kirk at all powerful in Orkney?  My chosen time period (17-19th centuries – or at least, that’s the initial plan) takes in quite a few turbulent times in Scottish history, from the Covenanters to the Jacobites and onwards through the clearances.  They all impacted upon Orkney, but in such a minor role as to be little more than a footnote in history books.  Is there more to it?

While this blog is primarily about my main research, it will contain bits and pieces about Orkney’s past as they take my interest and perhaps they’ll take yours too.

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